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HB1357 Automobile and homeowners insurance policies; notices

Adds the option that insurers may use any first class mail tracking method that is used, or has been approved, by the U. S. Postal Service (USPS) to demonstrate proof that a cancellation or nonrenewal notice pertaining to a motor vehicle, commercial liability, or homeowners insurance policy was mailed to an insured. Other options include using registered or certified mail. Currently, insurers may use registered or certified mail, or obtain a certificate of mailing or certificate of bulk mailing from the USPS at the time of mailing, to prove a termination notice was mailed. The bill deletes provisions that refer to the certificate of mailing and certificate of bulk mailing options


HB 1452 Landlord and tenant law; who may recover rent or possession.

Adds an employee who has proper written authorization by a manager, general partner, or trustee of a family trust to sign pleadings as the agent of the business entity to obtain a judgment for possession or for rent or damages.


HB 1455 DPOR; promoters of boxing, martial arts, and wrestling events

Provides for the regulation of amateur boxing and martial arts and professional wrestling by the Director of the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation. The bill authorizes the Director to approve a sanctioning organization to oversee the conduct of amateur boxing and martial arts events. The bill sets out the requirements to be met by the sanctioning organization, including blood testing of the participants. The bill exempts amateur bouts and amateur boxing or martial arts engagements conducted by or held under the sponsorship of (i) any elementary or secondary school or public or private institution of higher education located in the Commonwealth or (ii) the Department of Corrections involving inmates of any state correctional institution. The bill has a delayed effective date of October 1, 2015, and requires the Director to convene a work group of interested parties affected by the provisions of the bill to determine an appropriate method for holding professional-amateur events.


HB 1493 Enticing another into a dwelling house; person who commits certain violations, Class 6 felony

Provides that a person who commits certain specified crimes, including capital murder, first and second degree murder, murder of a pregnant woman, abduction with intent to extort money or for immoral purposes, aggravated malicious wounding, robbery, rape, forcible sodomy, or object sexual penetration, within a dwelling house and who, with the intent to commit such crime, enticed, solicited, requested, or otherwise caused the victim to enter the dwelling house is guilty of a separate and distinct Class 6 felony.


HB 1611 Assault and battery; felony when committed against certain persons.

Amends provision making it a Class 6 felony to commit an assault or an assault and battery against judges, magistrates, law-enforcement officers, correctional officers, firefighters, emergency medical services personnel, and persons directly involved in the care, treatment, or supervision of certain inmates, juvenile offenders, and sexually violent predators when they are engaged in the performance of their public duties to state that the crime occurs regardless of where in the Commonwealth the public duties are performed. The bill provides that its provisions are declarative of existing law


HB 1639 DUI; persons convicted under laws of other states or federal law

Provides that a person convicted in a federal court of an offense substantially similar to Virginia’s DUI law may petition the general district court that he be assigned to a certified alcohol safety program and issued a restricted driver’s license. Currently, only persons convicted in other states of substantially similar DUI offenses may so petition. The bill also requires that, as a condition of a restricted license, a person who has been convicted of a substantially similar DUI offense under the laws of another state or the United States be prohibited from operating a motor vehicle that is not equipped with an ignition interlock system. This bill contains an emergency clause.


HB 1648 Sales and use tax; exemption includes gold, silver, or platinum whose sales price exceeds $1,000

Exempts from sales and use tax gold, silver, and platinum bullion whose sales price exceeds $1,000. The provisions of the bill expire January 1, 2019.


HB 2112 DCJS; eliminates requirement for training standards for undercover work.

Eliminates the requirement that the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) establish compulsory training courses for law-enforcement officers who have not completed the compulsory minimum training standards prior to assigning any such officer to undercover investigation work. Such training is not offered by criminal justice training academies due to liability and officer safety issues.


HB 2299 Health services plans; effects of actions of other states.

Requires the State Corporation Commission (SCC) to conduct a proceeding to review and evaluate the effect of a law or other regulatory action of another state that requires a health services plan operating in the Commonwealth to distribute or reduce its surplus on grounds that it is excessive. Currently the SCC may, but is not required to, conduct such a proceeding or examination only when another state enacts a law providing a program or benefits for the residents of the other state. The measure authorizes the SCC, if it finds that the other state’s action is harmful to the interests of residents of the Commonwealth, to (i) prohibit the health services plan from distributing or reducing its surplus for the benefit of residents of another state or (ii) take any other action the SCC finds necessary to protect the interests of the residents of the Commonwealth. The measure also prohibits a health services plan from distributing or reducing its surplus pursuant to a law or regulatory action that is the subject of such a proceeding by the SCC except with the approval of the SCC. The bill contains an emergency clause.

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