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I am especially mindful of the balance between providing efficient government services and lessening the tax burden which already weighs heavily on the citizens whom I represent.  I promise to always keep the hard-working families of the 50th District in mind when considering the difficult economic realities involved with crafting various legislation.  Below is a list of some of the bills I have introduced or co-patroned this Session:

HB 1686- Credit unions; limit on authorized investments in certain property, retained earnings.

Credit Unions are important consumer financial institutions serving their members’ needs with low cost loans. This bill introduces some minor, but important, changes to strengthen our Credit Unions. It increases the maximum amount of a Credit Union’s funds, that may be invested in its real estate and other fixed assets, to 5% of the total of members’ share accounts and retained earnings.

HB 1959- Certified public accountants; time for filing complaints with Board of Accountancy.

CPAs and the accounting discipline they bring are key to the financial activities of both individuals and businesses. On occasion there may be some problems with some financial transactions and/or their reporting. This bill is designed to create a framework where problems are addressed in a timely manner. It limits the time for filing complaints to within three years of the act. This should encourage CPAs and their clients to be more aware of their mutual responsibilities and promptly address any issues.

HB2237- Voluntary regulatory self-assessments by banks; privilege.

This bill creates a privilege for information generated from a voluntary regulatory self-assessment conducted by a bank.  This will encourage banks to have self-assessments without having to incur costs for assessing without protection of the results.

HB 1794- Crime victims or witnesses; nondisclosure of personal and identifying information.

As a former Prince William County police officer, with almost two decades of law enforcement experience, I know the importance of keeping our Commonwealth safe and secure. After a crime is committed, it is important to protect victims from public disclosure of their personal information. This bill provides protection for not only victims but also witnesses of drug crimes and violent felonies from public disclosure. It enables an additional layer of protection for witnesses to make them feel more comfortable and confident in coming forward and testifying.

HJ 594- Constitutional amendment; limit on appropriations (first reference)

I am a Chief Co-Patron of this proposal, introduced by Delegate Loupassi, to limit total appropriations in a year to the amount of the year prior, adjusted for inflation and population increase.  This fiscally conservative practice is something we so desperately need in our government.

HJ 622- Constitutional amendment; Transportation Funds (first reference)

I am a Co-Patron of this bill, introduced by Delegate Jones, which requires the General Assembly to maintain permanent and separate Transportation Funds.  As I mentioned, several bills about Transportation funding are being introduced and discussed this Session.

HB 1387 License plates, special; issuance to supporters of Washington Nationals baseball team

I am a Co-Patron of this bill, introduced by Delegate Webert, which allows some of the money for Washington Nationals specialty plates to go to the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation.

Please Click Here to see a list of bills for which I am the Chief Patron.

For a complete list of bills for which I am the Co-Patron, click here.